In the past year, a chorus of critics have questioned the enduring relevance of Twitter, now often referred to as ‘X’. Despite these doubts, it continues to be the platform of choice – a digital town square where influential figures broadcast their groundbreaking announcements. A case in point, can be seen below on how the whole OpenAI and its CEO Mr Sam Altman saga happened over on twitter.

OpenAI and Sam Altman - All happening on Twitter

OpenAI and Sam Altman – All happening on Twitter

Regrettably, not all changes and developments surrounding Twitter over the past year have been positive. Twitter, in tandem with Facebook, has become a hotbed for the spread of misinformation and the propagation of toxicity. Yet, despite these significant challenges, we have not yet identified a practical and widely accepted alternative that can genuinely compete with Twitter’s extensive reach and influence.

While it’s entirely plausible that a strong competitor may surface in the future, the current reality is unambiguous – Twitter, with all its merits and demerits, continues to occupy a unique position in the social media landscape for news. This makes it all the more essential for us – particularly those engaged in the tech industry and politics. All users would do well to remember to navigate this platform with both awareness and responsibility.

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