• Career Options in Artificial Intelligence for engineering students by Venkatarangan Thirumalai
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    Career options in Artificial Intelligence – for Engineering Students

    As a Professional Speaker, I get invited or engaged for a talk by many (OK, let’s say a few!). Out of them, I try to excuse myself from agreeing to speak at private engineering colleges as I find their programs to be uninteresting and are organised only for showing numbers to the AICTE. Also, most of them are situated in the suburbs or in the neighbouring towns of Chennai, it takes me more than half-a-day to travel there and return. Disclosure: I studied my Bachelor in Engineering from a private college: SVCE, Pennalur. Following my talk last month at Loyola College, Chennai on “AI & Transformation“, the Faculty of Computer…

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    AI and Transformation – A memorial talk

    Thanks to a recommendation by my friend Dr Gopal Krishna Raju, I was invited to deliver a memorial lecture today at the prestigious Loyola College, Chennai. The event was conducted by their PG & Research Department of Commerce – a one-day seminar in memory of Prof A G Soundara Rajan. The topic was Artificial Intelligence and (Business) Transformation. I wasn’t interested in playing in my voice a canned presentation or something that was way more of engineering for an audience consisting of Commerce discipline Post-Graduate students from a number of colleges in Chennai. Instead, I prepared a (custom) talk for them – starting with a brief introduction of AI/ML, proceeding…