After reading a post by a friend, I bought these #chocolates from #bigbasket.

🍫Amul Camel Milk Chocolate, made from 🐪 Milk – the texture is thicker than the usual chocolates and it melts in your mouth. Yes, it is an indulgence and not meant as a regular snack – it has high sugar content, but the taste is too good not to try once.

🍫#Amul also makes quality dark chocolates that have lesser sugar content, which the cooperative procures directly from cocoa farmers in the country. Amul is the founder and customer of India’s largest cocoa cooperative. #AmulChocolate

Disclosure: I write reviews about restaurants and food items that I have tried myself. There were no sponsorship or advertisement, or commission of any sort involved in this post.

Amul Camel Milk Chocolate

Amul Camel Milk Chocolate

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