Oh My Dog (2022) is a kids’ film featuring a young boy and his love for an orphaned puppy. Veteran actor Vijayakumar, his son the talented Arun Vijay and grandson Arnav Vijay star as the three generations of a family in the movie. The film is meant for children and they will love the film. Targeting them, the director Sarov Shanmugam has gone easy on the plot and sloppy on the screenplay, so the adults will find little interest in the film. Released on Amazon Prime Video, it gets a Raw rating on the Mangoidiots scale.

Arnav Vijay, son of Arun Vijay is the star of the film who finds a blind puppy of an expensive breed dog and brings it home. He bonds with the dog and names it Simba, raises it with all love and care. This ruffles the richest man in the town, who is a competition dog owner. As we can guess, the rich man, played by Vinay Rai (nowadays he is the villain of choice in Kollywood), threatens the family to give away the dog. What happens next in the story?

The boy, Arnav Vijay, has acted well, especially in the emotional scenes. The puppy and later the dog featured have done nicely their role. Mahima Nambiar appears as the mother of the young boy. The film comes out as if we are reading a children’s comic with juvenile twists & predictable occurrences.

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