Maari 2 is a loosely based followup to the original Maari (2015). The film reconfirms my experience of Kollywood being incapable of producing engaging sequels that are worthy of the first film – whether is VIP or Singam franchise or Saamy or Enthiran, this is true. I feel these sequels are an injustice to the filmgoers and nothing more than laziness of directors.

Dhanush comes as Maari, the familiar “good” gangster, aided by sidekicks
Sanikkizhamai (Robo Shankar) & Adithangi (Kalloori Vinoth). Ananthi (played by Sai Pallavi, the reason for me going to this film) is a local auto-driver helped by Maari, she is in madly love with him but gets ignored. A psycho killer “God of Death” Beeja (played by Tovino Thomas) escapes from prison in search of Maari to revenge his brother’s death. Maari’s best friend and the local gang leader is Kalai (Kreshna). Beeja tricks the friends and turns them against one another and the rest you can guess.

In between, there is the unnecessary character of a Collector played by Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, a Police Commissioner and his informer, Politics, Court hearings and so on. The movie travels between multiple levels and felt incohesive – we are left confused on who is the main villain, who is the good guy, what’s the underlying animosity between them, what is motivating them and more.

Sai Pallavi, has done her role very well, her delivery of dialogues in the local dialect and her mannerisms mimicking Dhanush was brilliant.

Almost, all the scene in the film have a familiar feeling to it and I mean it, not in a good sense. Believe me, there is a sequence that instantly reminds us of the scene from Baasha (1995) where Manickam reveals his identity to the college correspondent.

Stay away from Maari 2, there are plenty of better films this weekend.

Sai Pallavi – Maari 2

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