Adiyae (2023) starring G V Prakash Kumar and Gouri G Kishan was overall delightful. A time-travel-like screenplay is not an easy one to handle, only a few Indian movies including this one have done this genre correctly. Watch this film for solid entertainment, gets a Ripe from mangoidiots.

Adiyae was a well-made film with a strong cast and crew, it was fast-paced with little dull moments. G V gives a nuanced performance as Jeeva, a confused young man who is struggling to understand his place in the world. Gouri Kishan was alluring as his love interest, and the two have excellent chemistry together. Venkat Prabhu was also good in his dual roles, particularly in the one as a popular ‘film director’.

The film’s treatment of the time-travel-like concept was innovative and refreshing. It avoids many of the clichés that are often associated with this genre and there were no obvious loopholes. The climax was satisfying. The movie had many heartwarming moments that made us smile, such as calling Chennai “Madras” and the hypothetical scenarios about how life could have been different. From his earlier film Thittam Irandu (2021) which showed promise, director Vignesh Karthick has come a long way with this one, congratulations to him.

அடியே (2023) - ஜி. வி. பிரகாஷ், கௌரி கிஷன்

அடியே (2023) – ஜி. வி. பிரகாஷ், கௌரி கிஷன்

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