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Seethakaathi (2018)

சீதக்காதி (2018): Vijay Sethupathi is Ayya Aadhimoolam, a master artist who has been playing various characters for over 5 decades, one day he suddenly dies while acting on stage. After his death, what happens to his family, his troupe and other actors has been told as a comedy. How it plays out was unexpected.

The first 45 minutes, Vijay Sethupathi appears as different characters on stage – as the old man he has given an outstanding performance. Veteran actor Mouli, who I love from his stage plays, comes as the friend and manager of Ayya Aadhimoolam, he has done his role well. The song by Pushpavanam Kuppusamy was fun to listen and it has been pictured that way too.

There were many scenes where I was laughing and so did rest of the audience. But the overall movie was way too long for us to enjoy.

Seethakaathi (2018)

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