Let me try to be nice on saying how I feel about “2.0 (2018)”. If “I (2015)” of Director Shankar was an uninspired remake of his earlier film “Anniyan (2005)”, then 2.0 is an unintelligent remake of its prequel “Enthiran (2010)”. Even Robots like Chitti have emotions, but this film made us feel nothing – as the audience streamed out of the theatre, I didn’t see any hesitation in anyone to use their cell phones. 

After seeing the unremarkable trailer, I really tried to be excited about the film, but it was impossible to hold the excitement even for the opening scene. The last fifteen minutes when 3.0, the microbot Chitti’scome was the only engaging part of the whole film. Rest of the picture was nothing but the same “Transformers” style special effects we have seen countless times –the Transformers style is so common, that not only the Hero Chitti, the antagonist“BirdMan” is also made up of the same style – only difference being that the Birdman is made full of Cellphones.

I was expecting more role for Amy Jackson and at least twoduet songs, I am disappointed on those. The theme music was an highlight of Enthiran,here in 2.0, it was non-existent and went unnoticed.  There were numerous ‘silly’ gaps in the film –why are Sana and Vaseegaran still not married, after 8 years? –  What does Bohra (the son of Enthiran’s mainvillain) gain by releasing the captured Birdman, other than getting to destroy theworld?  – Technical terms were so carelessly wrongly used, for example, the word frequency (a range of it is called a spectrum,remember 2G spectrum scam!) is used repeatedly in place of signal strength orpower.  

Kollywood’s leading directors prove once again they are incapable of making worthwhile sequels. Enthiran was so good that 2.0 should’ve never been made. Shankar could’ve waited for another decade and made an awesome film featuring the “awesome” nanobot Chitti – 3.0.


  1. I have written this review without mentioning the leads – Rajni and Akshay Kumar, believe me, the miss was unintentional and they have done their given roles exceptionally well.
  2. For all the #Rajni fans, who were worried that 2.0 will be a loss. Using my #Excel wizardry I calculated this – the film just needs to be running house full in the all 10,000 screens it was shown for a week, then the (claimed) investment of INR 540 crores can be easily recovered! All the best. 
  3. I seem to have been right, a recent tweet by Lyca Productions has confirmed they earned INR 400 crores till now.
Break even collections calculation for 2.0 film

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