Out of a simple incident, Malayalam cinema is famous for making an enjoyable comedy, and they succeed where others fail by resisting the temptation to spice things up. Janamaithri (2019) is one such film with an unbelievably plain story.

As part of a citizen reach out exercise, Kerala Police decides they will offer a cup of hot black tea (kaṭṭan cāya aka കട്ടൻ ചായ) to all vehicle drivers during the night on all highways. In one police district, a set of halfwit police compels a car driver to drink a cup, the hot tea works as a laxative and he wants to immediately excrete. A constable is assigned to find a hygienic toilet for his convenience. That search turns into a comic riot!

The casting and the location are perfect.

Janamaithri (2019) - Saiju Kurup, Sabumon Abdusamad, Indrans

Janamaithri (2019) – Saiju Kurup, Sabumon Abdusamad, Indrans

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