Adanga Maru (2018) starring Jayam Ravi as Police S.I. Subash and Raashi Khanna, is a routine revenge story being told briskly. Subash is a recent recruit and finds it difficult getting used to the casual attitude of his superiors, in a rape and murder investigation he acts recklessly which gets his entire family murdered. How he revenges the bad guys for their death is the story.

Jayam Ravi has done his lead role adequately. Music Composer Sam C.S. has given good melodies and has supported the film with a memorable background score. The twin girls were cute and lovely.

What saves the film was the fast-paced screenplay which keeps us engaged. Though the role was small, I liked the way it showed the heroine to act with some smartness and not as the helpless damsel that we see regularly in Tamil films.

Adanga Maru (2018, starring Jayam Ravi and Raashi Khanna,

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