Singam 3 starring Suriya is a hotchpotch aggregation of Director Hari‘s earlier cop stories, resulting in an unimaginative film.

In Vizag, Andhra Pradesh the city’s police commissioner is murdered and the killer is not caught for a year. Andhra Home Minister requests deputation of Durai Singam (Suriya) from Tamil Nadu to Andhra through a CBI posting. Durai Singam takes charge and kills in encounters, the bad guys one after the other all the way to Central Minister’s son, an Australian businessman. Yes, you are correct – Durai Singam and Kavya (Anushka Shetty) travel to Australia for a duet song. Meanwhile, Shruti Haasan appears as a journalist named Vidya, after getting on the wrong foot with Singam she falls in love with him to leave with a broken heart, in the end, knowing he is still married to Kavya. You have Soori trying to give comedy relief but managing jokes of poor taste.

If you want an entertaining cop movie made by Suriya and Hari, please do yourself a favour and watch Singam 1 again.

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