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Episodes (TV Series)

Having watched him in “Friends” and then, in short, lived “Joey” I will say I enjoy seeing Matt LeBlanc on screen. On learning in iTunes about his new show “Episodes”, I wanted to see it and did that this long weekend.

The show’s plot was quite interesting, it is about a British writer-producer couple who have a  wonderful marriage and a hit TV series in the UK. They get an offer from a Hollywood big network producer to do a remake of the show for the American audience. After a lucrative offer, the couple packs up and ship out to LA. Next few weeks they learn that Hollywood is a place where deals are made and broken in the same breath. The cultural difference between the two countries and their celebrities are all shown very nicely. Tamsin Greig who acts as Beverly Lincoln has done a good performance of enacting a Writer who is forced by Hollywood to include changes in her story, and who is personally going through a tough time of being a simple wife surrounded by Hollywood’s glamour all around. A must watch for a good laugh.

Unfortunate the series won’t be having a sequel or the next season to it.

Episode TV Series
Episode TV Series