Mangoidiots rating: Raw

Seeru (சீறு) is a thorough brawn fight film coupled with sister sentiment and a bit of love. The movie started well, then drifted to becoming worse, to suddenly recover the lost ground and end with a pukka commercial climax.

The story is about the hero (Jiiva) going after the bad elements in his town, and, then risking his life to save a serial murderer who had helped his sister at a critical moment. While doing it he brings down the powerful and also saves other “sisters” from the clutches of evil; Thank god there were no sexual torture incidents in the flashback, which has been the current trend in Indian cinema.

Though the main villain and the flashback story that suddenly unwraps before the climax feels like a last-minute appendage added to impress us, Director Rathina Shiva should be appreciated for showing the girls in his film to be brave and bold who are not afraid of standing up to the mighty.

Had the film avoided the clichés which were plenty, Seeru could’ve soared high over the clouds.

சீறு (2020) தமிழ் சினிமா - ஜீவா

சீறு (2020) தமிழ் சினிமா – ஜீவா

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