A few days back out of blue, I got an email from one “Robert Ziegler” from Berlin, Germany. In the email what caught my attention was the inclusion of two photographs of me taken in 1999 inside World Trade Center, New York and another taken with WTC behind me on the horizon. I remembered that I had posted these two photographs on my blog under a post titled “my USA 1999 Photos”.

The email said “Three years ago we -Robert Ziegler and Stefka Ammon- started working on our private project MY_WTC. It is our goal to explore the question of the site’ s myth via (mostly) tourists’ photographs of the World Trade Center in New York City (August 5th, 1966 – September 10th 2001). Also, we would like to find out why so many people took pictures of themselves in front, on top of, inside or next to the WTC. Our project is about exploring the “specific aura” of the World Trade Center from the angle of tourists from all over the world”.

Interested, I went to the site and found it to be neatly done with wonderful photographs and comments from people around the world and it was fascinating to see how WTC as a common connection was getting them in one place here. Immediately I submitted a higher resolution of the two photos (1, 2) I had taken and Robert quickly got them approved and made them live. I then exchanged few emails with Robert, learned nice titbits about Berlin from him and I told him how to say “Hello” in my mother tongue Tamil – it is said as “Vanakkam” (shared him a link to a song on Vanakkam from Madrasapattinam Tamil movie). What a great world we are living in!

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