Next to Google search or sometimes more often than that, a website I turn to most often is Wikipedia. It has helped in resolving many arguments that I have had with my wife on who a signer for a song was, which movie Rajini acted in the 1980s and in which state is Darjeeling and so on. A good example was after we watched Mani Ratnam’s “Guru” we were curious to find out how closely the movie portrayed the original story of Sri Dhirubhai Ambani, turning to Wikipedia told us more on Sri Ambani and his life than what we could have got even from Reliance website. Especially after I bought an Apple iPhone, browsing Wikipedia for an information has become a near addiction.

For last month or so I have been seeing the “Donate to Wikipedia” banner on the site and today I decided to the good deed as the first transaction in the new year. I went ahead and donated $30. Rather than putting up with Advertisements, any day I will prefer to pay to get the content that I want – but I know I am part of a minority who feel this way. How about you, do you feel the same?. Post your opinion in the comments link above.

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