I have said it in the past, I will say it again. The best airport to go abroad from India is Chennai International Airport. It is small compared to Mumbai and Delhi, which means fewer flights depart, fewer people so you will have comfortable space. I am doing this post from Mumbai International Airport, even after privatization, this airport has improved little. It is one big corridor in two floors, packed with people everywhere – easily few thousands and no place to sit, windowless gates and Cigarette smoke everywhere near gates. It is a complete chaos. Compared to the International Airport, the Mumbai Domestic Airport is far better.

Last week I went to Colombo and returned. I found the Arrival terminal in Colombo to be world class and the departure to be the same old airport. On return to India, I was surprised to find a new arrival hall in Chennai International Airport, this one is more spacious, more conveyor belts. One more reason for me to like the Chennai Airport :-)

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