My Electric Scooter in 2008

A few months ago, when the Petrol/Diesel shortage happened in India I decided I will buy an electric two-wheeler. Apart from the advantage of driving when Oil is scarce, I thought it will also give a personal satisfaction of being environmentally friendly. Of course, nothing is more “Green” than a bicycle. So about a month and a half back, I purchased the Ultra Velociti – an electric powered scooter. It runs only on Electricity with no Oil at all, the dealer claims there is nothing to maintain or service in the vehicle other than periodic Tyre Air-Pressure and Battery check.

Specifications of the scooter (* Under Standard Test conditions and a payload of 75 Kg):

  • Speed    45 Km/ Hour*
  • Range    50 Km/ Charge* (Each full charge takes about 6 hours)
  • Vehicle weight    88 Kg
Ultra Electric Scooter
Ultra Electric Scooter

The only dealer I could find in Chennai when I searched was GEE GEE Motors in Royapuram, but they were willing to come down and give a test drive in my office. The scooter on road including Road Tax, Registration & Insurance costs about Rs.41,000. After paying the full money I had to wait for nearly 2 weeks before I got the vehicle complete with registration and Number – I don’t like to drive vehicles without a number and insurance.

Having been driving only a car for the last several years, when this scooter arrived it was an experience of “Freedom” for me. I was able to go local shopping in crowded market streets in West Mambalam & T.Nagar easily, without having to worry about parking and traffic. When I am driving this scooter and see the vehicles next to me I feel good that I am not polluting and I am spending negligible money for driving. Though the manual says maximum load is 120Kgs, I was able to ride it myself with my wife and kid comfortably – obviously a bit slower than riding it alone, but nevertheless, you can. The one problem I faced was of charge, the power meter is unreliable – from full, once it drops to half it takes only a few minutes to drop to zero. While it is in this region, it runs in kind of a stop-n-go motion. But this was because I didn’t charge for over a week (though I didn’t drive more than few kilometres as well), but it will be a wise idea to charge it every few days once – to avoid this problem.

(You can see the charger in the left picture, the other end can be plugged to any 5V socket; The Power-meter and Speedometer in the picture on right)
(You can see the charger in the left picture, the other end can be plugged to any 5V socket; The Power-meter and Speedometer in the picture on right)

Overall I found it to be a great second vehicle. Can it be the only one?, I doubt. I feel the technology, power of the motor and the engineering have to undergo one or two more iterations before the first time two-wheeler purchaser can go for this, selecting this over a motorbike.

Reference: GEE GEE MOTORS, 73, Mannarsamy Koil Street, Royapuram, Chennai.Phone: 044-43528008, 43528009