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At Vishwak we have over 10 years of experience with Media and Mobile Portal solutions. Recently we launched as a branding site for our offerings with Silverlight, Sharepoint, VPF (Vishwak Portal Framework) and MCDS (Mobile Content Delivery System).

We are showcasing this for the first time in upcoming Digital Hollywood (Fall) event being held at Hollywood from 29th Oct to 1st Nov 2007. DH is a premium event that connects Hollywood and IT industries. I will be there and if you happen to be in LA area, please visit us at Stall #60 at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood and Highlands.

Hollywood Hill
Hollywood Hill

I have been invited as well as a speaker in a panel discussion on Day 3 (Nov 1):

Track III: 12:50 PM – 2:00 PM – Personalized and Innovative Mobile & Broadband Services: Advertising and Content

  • Steve Bava, Group Account Director, WHITTMANHART Interactive
  • Mike Fitzsimmons, CEO, Delivery Agent
  • Jonathan Cobb, Founder and CEO, Kiptronic
  • Venkatarangan Thirumalai, Chairman, Vishwak Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Jordan Greene, VP of Mobile Marketing, MindMatics
  • Dina Pradel, Vice President of Marketing, StyleFeeder
  • Michael J. Pinto, Managing Principal, mCapital, LLC, Moderator

Update 1/Nov/07: My panel went well, Michael did a good job. Though the discussions were more on the advertisement/agency topics I presented an Indian perspective on some of the innovative products that are being launched in India.

Venkatarangan speaking in a panel for Digital Hollywood 2007
Venkatarangan speaking in a panel for Digital Hollywood 2007


  • Venkatarangan TNC

    thanks harish. feedback taken, we will be doing more on the site – this was made in short duration for the digital hollywood exhibition.

    it was quite a long time since i went to your blog, i went today – if i can say so, i found very impressive content there and you seem to be updating it regularly as well. i didn’t know you have a company on your own, i went to the site very impressive as well. good luck.

  • harish

    This was nice..

    I don’t know whether it was my browser. I use firefox 2, and it looks black for a long time.. a ‘loading 40%..’ message would be nice.

    I saw in IE and it was nice. a website after the flash demo would be interesting.

    If I am posting feedback as an user, to the wrong channel.. please feel free to remove this comment later.