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Stupid guy goes to India

I bought this book from Flipkart after reading about it in “The Hindu” review. The book was “Stupid Guy goes to India” by Yukichi Yamamatsu. Yukichi is in his 50s and is a popular Manga comic artist (Mangaka) in Japan. Knowing Japanese, little English and some money he visits New Delhi to try his luck of introducing Magna style books to India and make riches. The book is the story of his visit to India in Manga style. Though I am aware of Manga books this is the first full book I read. For the first tens of pages, getting used to the idea of reading from Right to Left Blocks was difficult for me to get used to .

The book covers the cliché topics of dirty streets, toilets, crowd and cheats in India. Knowing no Hindi & little English, Yukichi tries to find friends, get affordable accommodation and settle down. He works hard to find a Japanese to Hindi translator, then to get a good printer to print his first Manga books. Beyond few chapters, the theme and story line becomes a bit repetitive, the translation could have used some more review.

The diagrams throughout the book are vivid and brings to life the streets & lanes to Delhi in front of the reader. Overall, a light reading book and can be an introduction to this genre of books.


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