Every year Nungambakkam Cultural Academy as part of Chennai Music season conducts its programs in Karnata Sangham Hall in Habibullah Road, T.Nagar. My knowledge of Music is Zero, so I am not a regular for Carnatic Kutcheris. I like Tamil Drama’s (Plays) and over the years I have watched many of them, year on year.

Today I went for the versatile comedian “Kathadi” Sri Ramamurthy’s new play – Ah Ah Aha, story by Thuglak Sathya. The drama was hilarious with many timely jokes on prevailing Politics in Tamilnadu. The story is about a young unemployed man getting married to a bride and as the main condition for the wedding moves to the household as In-house BrideGroom. The Bride’s father is allergic to even the word “Politics”, the story is a comedy twist on how the BrideGroom uses this to his advantage.

If you like comedy plays, I will highly recommend going for this one. Great Show!

Kathadi Ramamurthy in Ah Ah Aha

Kathadi Ramamurthy in Ah Ah Aha

"Ah Ah Aha" Tamil Play

“Ah Ah Aha” Tamil Play

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