PCQuest Magazine in its June 2007 issue has listed 250 IT Implementation Projects in India. I am happy to say our Vishwak Portal Framework based solution we provided for Live Mint (Hindustan Times & WSJ Business paper) is featured as one of them. (Case study of LiveMint)

Hindustan Times LiveMint is powered by Vishwak Solutions and is featured as one of 250 IT Implementations in India
(Courtesy: PC Quest June 2007)

Also interesting is the article’s observation that ASP.NET is the preferred platform of choice for Portals in India for its ease of use. Our VPF is based on ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005.

“Most of the portal solution projects that we received were developed using ASP.NET or VB .Net. We spoke to the project heads of these portals to find out why they chose this platform. The answer was simplicity. According to them, creating projects on ASP.NET is mush easier and requires less code to write”

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