Today is Father’s Day, I was travelling last one week so couldn’t buy a gift for my Dad. So today morning I went to this online e-greeting card site that gives a variety of customizable, printable ecards and then printed a wonderful card with my parents’ photo. I gave this to my “Dad”.

After that, I was filling up several copies ( Mr Sam Pitroda was 100% right, we still have this outdated process ) of address and personal details in my son’s LKG Diary and doing labels for his books. When I did the labels, I remembered my school days and my Dad getting me pre-printed labels with my name on them. How lucky I am to get a Dad like that!

(Pre-Printed Labels for my school books)

(Pre-Printed Labels for my school books)

Thank you, Dad, you are the greatest – making me believe in my abilities and the freedom to fly, I promise to do the same to my son.

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