Everywhere you turn now, you hear about Outsourcing, India Shining & India Dreams. Being an election year in USA, you also hear about the backlash, the pros and the cons.

Today Ranga pointed me to an interesting article in Express India titled “Outsourcing: A few years ago nobody in US wanted to talk to Indians, now they are eager”

It is a well written, neutral piece (hard to find these days!). I liked especially the closing quote, given here verbatim:

As one Indian exec put it to me:

The Americans’ self-image that this tech thing was their private preserve is over. This is a ‘‘wake-up call’’ for US workers to redouble their efforts at education and research. If they do that, he said, it will spur ‘‘a whole new cycle of innovation, and we’ll both win. If we each pull down our shutters, we will both lose”

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