A symbolically very significant event of celebration happened this month. The Inventor of the World Wide Web, “Tim Berners-Lee” was Knighted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in London on Friday, 16 July 2004.

Everyday when we use Internet in many ways in our life, we need to thank “Sir Timothy Berners-Lee”. He is credited with several inventions that today form the pillars of Modern Web. The list of his inventions include the first web browser, the first web server (httpd), the Web Language (HTML) and more. In the era of ‘Software Patents’ and using your invention solely for commercial benefit, Mr.Lee was different. Though there are thousands of companies worldwide who made Billions of Dollars because of WWW, Mr.Lee purely worked on it with an academic interest.

To experience his journey through the WWW invention, read his book “Weaving The Web“. I am a lazy reader, but this is one book that I couldn’t keep it down, without completing. Check it out.

The rank of Knight Commander is the second most senior rank of the Order of the British Empire, one of the Orders of Chivalry.


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