Everything Must Go (2010) starring Will Ferrell was a nice movie that makes you reflect on what’s important in life. It is available on Netflix.

Nick Halsey, a successful salesman, a vice-president at a large corporation loses everything one single day. He gets fired from his job, gets locked out of his own house by his wife, has his car taken away, a mobile with no service, credit cards and bank account being stopped. With nowhere else to go and no money, he spends the next few days in the front lawn surrounded by his belongings in the open. Did he pull himself together? Why does he decide to sell all the stuff away in a yard sale forms the story.

I liked the way the screenplay which was focused on Nick and the present. Other than hints here and there, there were no flashbacks, no heroism, no rags to riches and so on. Exhibiting confidence and being carefree at the same time, Christopher “C.J.” Wallace has done the role well of the young boy helping Nick.

Will Ferrell and Christopher "C.J." Wallace

Will Ferrell and Christopher “C.J.” Wallace

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