First it was Google Search, then Gmail with 1GB of Storage. Now it seems to be Microsoft’s turn at the table.

Early this month, MSN launched the new look MSN Search, this version sports new sleek look. What I found more interesting was Technical Preview of MSN’s new Algorithm Search Engine. Currently MSN Search uses third-party Search Engine, but with this new version, believed to be launched by end of this year, it will be completely on MS Technologies. This will take Google heads-on. Meanwhile, I am enjoying in having a choice of two very powerful searches to help me in navigating through the Wild World Wide Web (WWWW).

Yesterday my Hotmail Extra Storage, the Paid version of Hotmail, where I pay $19.95 per year was upgraded automatically to Hotmail Plus at no extra cost. Plus gives me 2GB (wait few minutes here and count the number of Zeros in this), 20MB of Attachment in one email, no Graphics Ads (Thanks Microsoft for listening to us) and more.

While on this subject, remember to get a Sneak Peak at other MSN’s Work in Progress here at MSN Sandbox. You can get a free download of LookOut – Fast Outlook Search Software and Three Degrees – A family get-together software.

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