In recent times, there are two advertisements that really impressed me. Both of them don’t shout about their products, features, company or compare with the competition. Both do soft selling or idea selling very well.

One of them is the Hutch TV Ads, where a small boy with a dog walks across all the places and the ad closes with a punch line “Where ever you go, our network follows you”. It is a joke, that the same type of visual (with a boy and dog) is being used now by Miranda; somebody seems to be running out of creativity.

The other good Ad, that I enjoy is Microsoft‘s new series of ad with the theme “Your Potential. Our Passion”. This new line sounds much better than the old “Where do you want to go today”; What a useful question every day I want to go home to meet my family :-).


You can watch the complete (upcoming and archives) TV ads and Print ads of this campaign from Microsoft Website. I especially like the 2003 Ads with the “School“ theme.


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