A comedy film is the last thing you will be expecting when the stars in it are Director Ram known for his serious social themes, and, Director Mysskin known for his contemporary films – pleasantly surprising that’s what Savarakathi (2018) was. It was good too.

The story can’t be any simpler. A barber, his pregnant wife and two kids are going urgently in their scooter when he gets into a verbal fight with the driver of an SUV after he suddenly stopping the vehicle in front of theirs. Unfortunately, the SUV is of a local ruthless gangster. The whole film is what happens in the next few hours as the gangster chases the barber and his family.

Appearing as the poor barber, Ram surprises the audience that he can make us laugh with his acting, especially in the scenes when he gets caught and then managing to escape in the last minute. Brilliant acting by Shamna Kasim alias Poorna, who comes as the pregnant wife with two kids in hand on the run. The lunatic gangster character is played masterly by Mysskin, speaking very few words, and conveying everything through his actions. Don’t miss this film just to see the possibility of what a film with a one-line story can be.

இயக்குனர் மிஷ்கின் – சவரக்கத்தி (2018)

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