This January (2012) for a co-workers wedding I visited Thanjavur (Tanjore) along with my good friend E.Ravi.  We travelled from Chennai to Thanjavur by Rock Fort Express night train leaving Chennai Egmore at 22:30 and reaching Thanjavur the next day morning around 6:30.

Thanjavur Train travel & Hotel (1)

Since we had booked for this nearly 70 days back we could get berths in First AC, which was comfortable with wide berths and clean toilets – there were indicators in the coupe for occupancy of toilets (seen below).

Toilet occupied status indicator in First AC Coaches

The coupe even had a sign listing of items and services provided in First AC Coaches (seen below).

List of items & services in First AC Coaches

It is always fun to get down when the train does an unscheduled stop for a few minutes in some tiny railway station or fields, like this one in Alakkudi.

Alakkudi station near Thanjavur

I even got a chance to take this photo during the Alakkudi stop in front of a rice field (Thanjavur is called the Rice granary of Tamil Nadu).

Thanjavur Train travel and Hotel

This is the first part of my series on my visit to Tanjore in January 2012 – Part 2Part 3 & Part 4. In 2016, I visited Tanjore again and wrote about that trip here.

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