The last 2 to 3 years the noise level of security and Virus attacks at Internet Servers have reached an all time high. Every other day, financial dailies carry a news about a new exploit in one software or other. Where are we in this and what is the solution?. Read and enjoy the following articles at PC Mag that I came across in this subject.

If you want to read more about Netsky, its stains and the other recent virus of 2004, PC Mag has this interesting article:,1759,1541517,00.asp

John C.Dvorak, the famous PC Mag columnists asks the question Why Are Virus Attacks Getting Worse?. I am sure many of us technologists are thinking about this, but Dvorak hits the nail straight as usual!

Virus becoming worse is one, but what is the solution to this?.

Better laws, No!. Tougher punishments, No!. Better Software, No!.

Dvorak goes to the extreme and suggests that we License Computer Users, just like we license Car Drivers. License means exams, exams means pass or fail; oh god, now the whole fun world of computers is becoming just like our school work.

I got to go now. Need to study for my computer license :-)

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