• School Classroom
    Chennai,  Lounge

    Sexual harassment incident in a Chennai School

    In India, everyone likes to think the rich culture and close-knit families gives people the psychological cover to handle modern day stresses. This is believed to shield Indian (and Asians) societies from growing menaces of Gun shooting in schools, Sexual Harassment of kids, etc. which have now become repeated occurrences in the western world. Critics have said that, in this connected world no society can completely protect itself from these menaces – and in India though Sexual harassment of kids happen they go unreported due to community fears and pressures. Recently (about a week or so back) I learned the news of a shocking incident that happened in a Chennai School, which was covered up and went…

  • An indicative picture of a train track near a railway station somewhere in Tamil Nadu, India

    Public infrastructure work in India too can get done fast

    In Western countries, this may not be a news item, but in a country like India where infrastructure works are known to take years due to multi-party vote-bank politics, bureaucracy, lack of planning, and corruption this is indeed a news item worth being blogged. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this news. Last week in Srirangam (my mother’s home town) Southern Railways in 5 Hours (yes you read it correctly) completed sewage work by removing and fixing the tracks. This rail line is a busy one and it was commendable they finished the work with minimum disruption to traffic. //The work started at around 10 a.m. Around 150 labourers were…