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    Government employees trade unions

    Recently there was a news item on the Income Tax Officers Union are unhappy with the Government of India’s plan to bring in faceless tax assessments, which is being planned to reduce direct contact between the officers and the assessee thereby minimizing the scope for corruption. This is following the trend of Government tackling (hopefully) the deep-rooted malice of corruption in the department – Government tells 22 IRS officers to put in their papers over graft charges. My thoughts on this There needs to be no doubt now. If the officials (and shortly the union) opposes a move by the government, it has to be a beneficial one to citizens…

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    TiECON Chennai 2019

    Every year, TiE Chennai organizes their annual mega-event celebrating entrepreneurship called TiECON (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2010, 2008) where we get to hear talks by industry leaders and panel discussions by experts and rising stars. This year too was no different. Below are my personal notes that I took down attending the event. Awards Night Yesterday it was the awards night which celebrated entrepreneurs from various fields. The Chennai Children’s Choir, Nalanda Way delighted the audience with their brilliant singing. Keynote – Behold the Crystal Ball! The day started with a Keynote by Mr Vineet Nayar, former CEO of HCL. He talked about “How not to be an ant…

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    What is the purpose of a company?

    Till some years ago, it was an accepted fact, that the purpose of a company should be to maximize shareholder value – an idea popularised by American honchos. Now, this idea is being questioned. There are many alternative views being heard from around the world. In India, in the past, many of the big businesses were family-owned and they were interested in taking care of their shareholders (their family members) as leaving a legacy for their future generations to cherish was important apart from the profits. Recently in the press, there have been many articles discussing this topic of what is the purpose of a company? I have given below…

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    Developer on Fire – Interview with Eric Brechner aka I.M.Wright

    Every manager should be listening to this interview which is packed with useful insights and life experiences. I found the Podcast channel “Developer on Fire” to be a series of interesting conversations that Mr Dave Rael has with his guests from the Software Industry. This week, I listened to the one with Mr Eric Brechner (@ericbrechner),  who is a Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft Corporation and has over three decades of experience in managing software development. Eric is well known by his pen name I.M.Wright and has authored two well-researched books on managing Software Projects and the teams – Hard Code and  Agile Project Management with Kanban. I am giving…

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    Future of IT Outsourcing Industry and The Road Ahead

    The global outsourcing market especially the IT outsourcing market after a few choppy and trying years, hopes to find its lost rhythm back in 2019. Mint newspaper says the sector will grow faster in the year starting 1st April, thanks to twin trends of larger contracts and increased outsourcing. In this background, I am composing my thoughts here on how the Software Services firms especially the small ones in India can reinvent themselves and plan their road ahead. Source: Statista. After a few choppy years, 2018 stabilized the global market of the outsourced market. 2019 is expected to be a growth year. Outsourcing is not new to me! My grandfather…