Gujarat is famous for the variety of its vegetarian snacks. Today, we went to one of the well-known places in Ahmedabad city – Swati Snacks at Ambli Road. This is a restaurant with minimum modern-decor and the snacks were mouth-watering every bite. Below are a few of the snacks we ordered and shared between us. The pricing was on the higher side, but considering the ambience and the hygienic preparation in the open-kitchen you won’t mind paying.

I find it ironical! The general public and the politicians at large in India say they want to see farmers of our country grow and prosper, and, Government should protect their livelihood, give cash handouts, and, concessions. At the same time, the media screams whenever price increases for any of the farm produce. The recent one being the ill-famed (thanks to the untimely comment of Hon’ble Finance Minister) Onion price rise. I see basic economics at work here – of supply, demand and elastic pricing of a free market. Hold your horses about hoarding, middlemen making the bulk of the…

In India, we call “Mango” as the king of fruits. But, for me, Custard Apple (aka Sugar-Apple or सीताफल or சீதாப்பழம்) will be the King of fruits and my favourite. I didn’t feel like this always. 20 years ago, when travelling in Australian outback near Cairns, I was offered a natural (forest-grown) custard apple by our friendly naturalist (and tour guide), it tasted heavenly – A taste, I can recall vividly even today. Ever since all other fruits come second to custard apple. Yesterday, my sister gave me this ‘large’ custard apple and I loved it!

In 1932, a Belgian baker named Jan Boone Sr., creates a caramelised biscuit with nothing but natural ingredients. He names it Lotus, after the flower that symbolises purity. I am tasting for the first time, what is called as the best biscuit in the world – Lotus Speculoos / Biscoff biscuits from the UK. Indeed, true to its fame, it is tasty and you certainly can’t resist with a few! I just noticed it is now available in India from Amazon India for Rs.180 and Big Basket for Rs.149. #biscuits #cookies #belgian #tasty