• Jewel Changi Airport
    Travel Review

    Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

    From the time you set foot in Singapore, the Island city impresses you with their urban planning and world-class infrastructure. This continues till you leave the city through the Changi Airport. Recently, Changi Airport had constructed a new attraction called “Jewel Changi”, it is a nature-themed entertainment and retail complex in Changi Airport, Singapore, linked to three of its passenger terminals. Its centrepiece is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, the Rain Vortex, which is surrounded by a terraced forest setting.   Early this week (13th May 2019) on the day we were leaving Singapore, we reached the Changi Airport, 6 hours earlier than our flight departure so that we can…

  • Gardens by Bay, Singapore
    Travel Review

    Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

    Early this week (13 May 2019) when I was in Singapore with family, we went to Gardens by Bay. Gardens by the Bay is a recent attraction added to the tourist map in Singapore. It is a nature park spanning 101 hectares (250 acres) in the Central Region of Singapore, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. The place is a bit outside the city centre, so you will be better off taking a taxi, you can go by MRT but you need to be ready for a 25 to 30 minutes walk from the nearest train station – I didn’t do my homework so I had to drag my wife and kid…

  • Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore
    Travel Review

    Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore

    Many years ago, on a friend’s recommendation, I had visited the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore, located opposite the Singapore Cricket Club. I have been wanting to visit again and got that opportunity last week (8 May 2019) when I was on a vacation with family to the Island City. As a family of four, we enjoyed spending the 4 hours+ we spent there seeing the exhibits and learning so much about Asian cultures including Indian culture and religions. Unlike many of the museums, ACM has done a great job on the title card below every exhibit and posters on every hall, they explain clearly about the item we are…

  • Travel Review

    Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore

    We all have heard of Singapore being called a concrete jungle, it is famous for its malls and shopping and not known for anything natural. I never knew before this week that Singapore had a tropical rainforest and a hill in the city. Last week (12 May 2019) while travelling in Singapore with family, we went to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore – the trek and the park were tranquil and peaceful, and we loved it. Unbelievable such a place exists in Singapore. We went for an easy trek, which was a nice and comfortable trek, about 3 to 5 Kilometres. Remember, to reach there early in the morning to…

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    City Square Mall, Singapore

    Wherever you go to in Singapore you can be sure to be a few hundred metres away from a big shopping mall. Unlike what I have seen in the USA, most of the malls in Singapore are frequented with customers and many are crowded. On top of this, you have Orchard Road – a whole road of a few kilometres with rows of malls on both sides. This island city is a shoppers paradise! Last week (10th May 2019) I had travelled to Singapore with family and we had stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, Serangoon Road. From there if you walk for about 15 minutes on Serangoon Road, after…

  • National Library Building, Singapore
    Travel Review

    National Library Building, Singapore

    I love books, bookshops and libraries. And when I think of libraries I am reminded of my visit to the Seattle Public Library and Chennai’s historic Connemara library. Last week (8th May 2019) while I was in Singapore with my family, we visited Singapore’s National Library at Victoria Road. It is a tall and impressive glass building. As I walked inside and went around, I got a familiar feeling like I have seen the interiors and bookshelves before, on enquiring I learned Chennai’s Anna Centenary Library had been inspired by NLB, Singapore, and the similarities were unmistakable. History If you step outside the reading area, you can see a heritage…

  • Sentosa Island
    Travel Review

    Sentosa Island, Singapore

    Any first visit to Singapore is incomplete without going to the Resort Island of Sentosa. I have been there two times in the last two decades, but last week (10 May 2019) while we were in Singapore for vacation as a family, we decided to go again. There are multiple attractions inside Sentosa, like S.E.A. Aquarium,  Universal Studios, Butterfly Park, Madame Tussauds wax museum, Fort Siloso, Waterpark, iFly Wind tunnel, Trick Eye Museum, Wings of Time light & sound show and more. You need a minimum of a day to see a few of them. If you have the interest and can afford it, I will suggest you stay for…

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    Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

    Last week (10th May 2019) I was in Singapore with my family for vacation and we visited Jurong Bird Park (JBP) there. JBP is one of the most-visited places in the island city. I had been to the place a few times in the past, the first was about two decades ago and it was the first large scale bird park I saw where birds were allowed to fly freely, covered by a large net high up and I was very impressed with it.  The second time was when my son was a baby and he loved the place. After more than a decade we came here again, but this…