Instagram reels are so good at tempting me! After seeing a video about Punugulu, an Andhra deep-fried snack with onion, chilli and spices, I was craving it. Somedays before, I tried it at G Suryanarayana Snacks Centre, near T.Nagar Post Office. It was absolutely delicious! I highly recommend it to everyone.

This is a small shop in the corner of Deena Dayalu St, Pondy Bazaar, so you need to park your vehicle in the main road and walk. The shop gets crowded in the evening, I bought a parcel and ate it in my home. The small Bonda they sell was also good, but their Badam Milk was just a sugar syrup.



Andhra snack - Punugulu, Deep fried

Andhra snack – Punugulu, Deep fried

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