In a time when news of girls being sexually assaulted by their own male relatives is all too common, Chithha is a welcome relief. It shows the other side of the story, where family members are good and the police are shown in a positive light. Starring Siddharth as Chithha (short form of Tamil Chithappa, father’s brother), an uncle to a young girl, the film shows a male character who is genuinely loving and truly caring. Near the climax, when a young victim comes and hugs Chithha and kisses him, I shed a few tears. It was that good. Don’t miss this film. I can assure you that there are no horrifying visuals for the sake of sensationalism. Through a good screenplay and fine cast, we are made to feel the trauma and the pain. Mangoidiots give Chithha a Ripe.

Next to the protagonist, the character of his lover, Sakthi, played by Nimisha Sajayan of The Great Indian Kitchen (2021) fame, is noteworthy. Sakthi is a strong-willed person who supports her lover but is never afraid to speak her mind or argue with him to guide him on the right path. She is shown not as a fair-skinned or glamorous lady and wears no fashionable clothes or makeup. Such characters are rare in Kollywood, making Sakthi a refreshing and welcome addition to the Tamil cinema landscape.

I would add that Chithha is an important film because it challenges the stereotype that all men are predators. It shows that there are good men in the world who are willing to protect and care for girls and women. I liked the earlier two films of this film’s director S U Arun Kumar: Sethupathi (2016) and Pannaiyarum Padminiyum (2014).

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