What’s a Podcast? A podcast is an episodic series of audio or video files which a user can download in order to listen.

Next, to messaging & listening to music, I use my Smartphone for listening to Podcasts. For nearly a decade now, they are my companion during my evening walks and commute – helping me to relax, learn and catch up on the happenings effortlessly.

Earlier I have written about the podcast episodes I have listened to:

  1. Listening to the (late) Sci-Fi author Jerry Pournelle, and reading his classic “The Mote in God’s Eye
  2. Listening to Rob Reid and then reading his Sci-Fi comedy book “Year Zero” which was about aliens being addicted to worldly music
  3. Hearing the father of Visual Basic, a programming language that had a huge influence on me, Mr Alan Cooper speak on his experiences
  4. Tim Ferriss sitdown with Joe Gebbia, the Co-Founder of Airbnb – what a show it was – entertaining, insightful and informative. Find out what “Some will love it, Some won’t + Who Care = Move On, Keep Keep Going till you find who love your ideameans, by listening to or watching this episode
  5. Seeing the film “Sorry to Bother You” after hearing it in TwiT Podcast
  6. Listening to the guru of managing Software Projects – I.M.Wright
  7. Lastly, in 2016 I got to watch live, an episode of my favourite Windows Weekly show.

My current podcast subscriptions:

Podcast subscriptions that I currently have

Podcast subscriptions that I currently have

Shown above is the list of podcasts that I have subscribed to. Those marked with a ‘red’ tick are the ones that I am (currently) listening to every week. You can see and subscribe to them easily from this public list I have posted (or) download the OPML text file.

Pocket Casts – the best app for podcasts is now free!

For the last few years, the app that helps me to manage the Podcast subscriptions is a super useful app called Pocket Casts. I love the syncing between devices and the web player. For example, if you start listening to a Podcast on your iPad, you can continue it on your commute on your Android Phone, then stay tuned on your Windows PC and also on your MacBook. I have been a paid user of this app for years.

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