Lucky Man is a mixed take on the classic story of an unlucky person who receives a sudden gift that turns their life upside down. Yogi Babu and Raichal Rabecca have played the role of a typical lower middle-class couple who are struggling financially to provide a better life for their young son. Both of them have given a delightful performance, making the average film a bit better. Mangoidiots gives a Raw rating.

The basic plot of a car coming as a gift reminded me of Soppana Sundari (2023), but Lucky Man (2023) was less of a comedy and more of a family drama. Most of the characters in the film appear to be reasonable people, even the police inspector who was supposed to be the antagonist, this absence of a real ‘villain’ robs the audience of any excitement. There were plenty of scenes which were enjoyable, but the screenplay drifted for long.

Overall, a good effort by director Balaji and his team.

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