Hold on to your seats, folks, because Soppana Sundari (2023) is a wild ride that will leave you in splits! Aishwarya Rajesh, the queen of Tamil cinema, shines bright in this comedy caper that’s all about a mother and her two feisty daughters taking on the world against all odds. But wait, does that sound familiar? Yep, you guessed it! It’s reminiscent of Kolamavu Kokila (2018) but with a different plot. The film kicks off with a brilliant idea of a gifted car for a hardworking family, and from there, the chaos ensues. Director SG Charles weaves a tale of family dynamics, struggles, and of course, the good ol’ Tamil Nadu Police playing the classic antagonist.

While the casting is on point and the plot has potential, the film falls short of being a masterpiece. The template and characterisation feel a bit too familiar, lacking the wow factor that we were hoping for. But fear not, there are still plenty of laughs and entertainment to keep you hooked. What really steals the show is Aishwarya Rajesh, who once again proves why she’s our favourite actor in Tamil cinema. Her expressions and energy in the fight scenes were great. And let’s not forget the fine editing that keeps the pace snappy and engaging.

So, if you’re in the mood for some light-hearted fun with a dash of family drama and a sprinkle of police shenanigans, Soppana Sundari is worth a watch. Just don’t expect it to blow your mind. Our mangoidiots rating? It’s Raw, but still ripe with laughter!

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