I lived till my teenage in Ranganathan Street, T.Nagar, as our house was in the same compound as was our office (LIFCO). As a result I am used to the chaos and crowd that Ranganathan Street is famous for. After we moved our residence to West Mambalam in early 1990s, I hardly get to go to Ranganathan Street – in fact it has been 5 years or more since I last went in there.

Yesterday I visited Ranganathan Street (RS) with my wife and kid, the purpose (do you need one) was to go to Khadi gramodyog bhavan to see their Dasara doll sale. Since Khadi is a government organization their other major outlets in Mount Road and Town are kept open only on weekdays 9 to 5.

Golu Dolls Show
Golu Show (Taken by me in my in-laws house)

You can’t take your car anywhere near RS (or) find a place to park without getting to spend few hours in the traffic chaos. So I parked my car in a relative’s house nearby and walked over to RS. The experience going to RS after all these years, brought in pleasant memories for me. At one time I used to remember all the shops in the street and most of the shop owners will recognize me; but now the street is completely unrecognizable to what it was a decade back. Shops have grown multifold, crowds have grown more than that, but the street still retains its buzzling charm.

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