It has been over five years since I last took my son to Guindy Children’s Park, a part of the vast protected “forest” area right in the centre of Chennai. Most of the protected area is inside the IIT Madras campus and Raj Bhavan (Tamil Nadu Governor’s Residence), with Children’s Park being the only area open to the public.

The park houses a few species of Deer, many species of birds, some crocs, monkeys and other animals; the snakes are kept in a separate enclosure next door. The parks close by 6 PM with the last visitors to be allowed at 5:30 PM. Parking costs Rs.15 for a Car, Entry Tickets for adults (Rs.20), Children (Rs.5) and a Camera (Rs.20). The park entry is next to Cancer Institute and before Gandhi Mandapam (coming from IIT Madras towards Raj Bhavan you keep on the left most lane), you are likely to miss it so please drive slow to locate it.

The park is famous for its large children's (obvious isn't it) play area.

The park is famous for its large children’s (obvious isn’t it) play area.

Children's playing in Guindy National Park in August 2014

Children playing in Guindy National Park in August 2014

The recent attraction to the park is a light ‘n’ sound show of animals’ natural habitats. Remember to buy a Rs.10 ticket (Children) for this at the entrance, you can’t buy it at the entrance to the show which is at the far end of the park. My son who went for it was not impressed, he says it was poorly choreographed and operated.

Wildlife awareness centre in Guindy National Park

Wildlife Awareness Centre in Guindy National Park

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