Kick (2023) starring Santhanam and Tanya Hope was so bad that I left in the interval. From the start, the movie was nothing but vulgar visuals, and explicit adult jokes (double-meaning in Kollywood speak). Santhanam has lost the well-deserved goodwill of the audience he earned from his earlier film DD Returns. Comedy veterans Senthil, Brahmanandam, Y G Mahendran, and Kovaisarala, have been wasted and I wonder why they accepted to act in this film.

Santhanam and Tanya Hope work in two competing advertisement agencies, while the latter is sincere in her ways to land customers, the former takes advantage of the weakness of the decision-makers to book orders. Now, you can fill in the rest! The character of Thambi Ramaiah as the owner of MJ Agencies was repugnant, to say the least. Director Prashant Raj, please avoid making these films.

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