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Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?, a miniseries that was gripping

Can a half-a-line plot make a gripping mini-series? To see one, watch the Netflix show Pepsi Where’s My Jet? It is about a twenty-year-old John Leonard in the 1990s, fighting the mighty PepsiCo to make good on their promise of rewarding a Harrier fighter jet for those who collected seven-million Pepsi points in 1995. The four-episode series was not a courtroom battle, not a thriller of corporate espionage, not of unexpected twists, yet it was interesting and made me complete over an evening.

If you ask what John Leonard did was audacious, yes it was!

I liked the way the director Andrew Renzi focused on the two main individuals, John Leonard and his investor Todd Hoffman, and their friendship which remained strong over the years. The mountain climbing scenes shot in Alaska were breathtaking.

John Leonard in a flight hanger
John Leonard in a flight hanger

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