Listening in person to Chef Damu (Chef Dr K Damodaran) about his life journey was fascinating. Apart from the arduous work and his aspiration, I learned from his autobiography it was his ability to continuously upgrade his skills, reinvent himself that has been the reason for his success. It was a great inspiration.

He had started his career as a trainee in Taj Mumbai, working the deep-freeze room, suffering cuts and bleeding, then after years of hard work became a chef; then he made a switch to be a vice-principal in a hotel management college, then promoted as a principal in another college, working hard to get his name in the Guinness World Records, studying his masters, doing a PhD, to becoming a TV media celebrity appearing in almost all Tamil TV Channels and a few in Hindi/English, writing over 25+ books and now working for his next Guinness world record of making a 600+ Kilo single Idly.

Thanks to my friend Mr Jonah Stephen and his firm Carisma Solutions Pvt Ltd for organizing this Diwali celebration event for their team-members and inviting guests including myself.

Mr Jonah Stephen and Chef Damu (Dr K Damodaran)

Mr Jonah Stephen and Chef Damu (Dr K Damodaran)

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