Recovered from COVID-19

After dodging the virus for the last two years, I got infected last week. A wave of cold/cough/fever was circulating in our house from the week of Pongal – first my son, then mom and then my wife. I should’ve picked it from one of them, even though my son and mom on the first symptom were isolated in their individual rooms.

Last Monday (17th Jan 2022) I was feeling dryness in my throat, then on Wednesday, I got a fever, which rose to 102.8″ F in the next two days. I did myself a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) which showed positive within the first minute, confirming it was COVID-19 and then I isolated myself in my room to spare my octogenarian mom from any cross-infections.

The next few days, on my Doctor’s advice I took DOLO-650 for the fever. Slept a lot, read comics, & watched movies when I could – overall got good rest & drank plenty of water. 10-15 minutes of Yoga asanas & breathing exercises in the morning & evenings to prevent my muscles from getting sore. No home remedies or supplements. The fever broke by Saturday morning. I believe my symptoms were mild because of the vaccine(s) – I experienced throat dryness, fever for 2 to 3 days, a bit of cold and cough.

Last year (Feb 2021) around the same time me and son suffered from an episode of Cold & Fever (probably the seasonal flu), for a week we kept ourselves isolated in our rooms. The difference between then and now was the absence of anxiety and worry about hospitalization, thanks to the vaccines & the science behind it. I had taken my second dose of COVAXIN, by end of April 2021.

My speculation:

It is highly likely that by now, every resident in the metro cities of India should’ve got infected with COVID-19. I hear people saying Omicron is milder. I see it differently. The virus and its variants are no kinder than they were in December 2019, they are not novel (new) to fool completely our body’s immune response – as a species we have developed community knowledge (herd response) against the virus, and we have VACCINES.

The pandemic isn’t over, please get yourself vaccinated at the earliest and follow CAB (Covid Appropriate Behaviour) as recommended by your doctor.

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