The image seen above is super cool. Though pics of the Earth had been taken earlier, seeing one taken by my country’s spacecraft feels good. And yes, Earth looks spherical and not flat!

Launched on the 2nd of September 2023, here are some quick facts about India’s Aditya-L1 craft:

  • Aditya-L1 will be positioned in a halo orbit around the Lagrange L1 point, where the gravitational force of the sun and the earth balances out.
  • Aditya-L1 will stay approximately 1.5 million km away from Earth, directed towards the Sun, which is about 1% of the Earth-Sun distance.
  • The Sun is a giant sphere of gas and Aditya-L1 would study the outer atmosphere of the Sun.
  • Aditya-L1 will neither land on the Sun nor approach the Sun any closer.
Aditya-L1 Mission - ISRO

Aditya-L1 Mission – ISRO

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