Kalakalappu 2, is the latest comedy film by Sundar C. It is not the best of the films from the Director, but if his aim was to make the audience laugh out loud, he succeeds – the full crowd for a Monday evening show were the proof, they were in splits many times during the film. The first half was a bit dull, but the visuals of the city of Kasi (new to Tamil Nadu audience) saves it. As soon RJ Siva, Mano Bala and Robot Sankar come, the comedy quotient shouts up, as well as the pace of the film.

Let me be clear. There is no story, instead, a battalion of stars starting with Jeeva, Jai, RJ SivaCatherine Tresa, Nikki GalraniRadharavi, Yogi BabuVTV Ganesh, Madhusudhan Rao and a dozen more try to entertain us with their screen presence. Yogi Babu, who comes as a fraud samiyar outscores all others – in the climax, he gets the action including beating the main villain more than what the 3 heroes could manage.

Kalakalappu 2, should be called Kaikalappu (கைகலப்பு) – from the title card to the credit roll, almost everyone on screen keeps hitting everyone else – and the kids in the audience laugh for each strike. The film has shamelessly reused many items from its prequel  – the first hero running an ageing hotel that has seen its heydays (in this film it is a lodge), a dog that steals away items, George Mariyan as a comedy police, and, the likes.

Overall, Kalakalappu 2 is a sum of 3 heroes with their fight scenes and chases, 2 heroines for adequate glamour quotient, Colours of Varanasi, a Chettinad house and plenty of senseless humour.

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