Today on our return journey from Mumbai to Chennai, I had an interesting touch of technology. We went near the Check-In counter of KingFisher, quickly there came an airline staff and asked us if we travelled only with “Hand Baggage”. On answering Yes, he collected our tickets, picked his PocketPC completed the check-in and printed our tickets (with a pocket printer he had in his belt). All this was done in less than a minute. Hat’s off to the innovative use of technology – this is much better than the stupid self-service check-in counters you have in the USA.

When I was wondering whether KingFisher has improved and my loyalty towards Jet should be re-evaluated, they let me down big time. No one from KingFisher to check your tickets before the Security Check counters, no announcement/sign about the gate number for our flight. Above all the flight was delayed by 1 hour, absolutely no announcement either by the ground staff or by the on-board staffs. If this is “Flying with Good Times” and as Vijay Mallaya calls it “Staff been asked to treat each guest as his personal guest visiting his house”, then I am not impressed!

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