Devi 2 is a film that is foolish, yet enjoyable. The silliness keeps the comedy quotient going and the absence of any visualisation of ghostliness makes it stand out. The story happens on the beautiful island of Mauritius and that’s a plus to an otherwise pedestrian script.

Though Prabhu Deva has three roles, it is Tamannaah who dominates the screen with her presence and her innocent acting comes convincing. Prabhu Deva is more stylish than ever in all the song and the fight sequences, the man seems to never age. In the beginning, as soon as Tamannaah learns the truth about Prabhu Deva she tries to escape to India and what happens in the flight has been told in an engaging way. Kovai Sarala has played her supporting character well, with a lesser dose of her usual squeakiness.

The songs were uniformly bad and none was unmemorable. In the second half, Tamannaah and Kovai Sarala invent stories to tell the other two heroines (Nandita Swetha & Dimple Hayathi), the film drags along, which if avoided would’ve made the film a lot better. RJ Balaji comes in a scene or two, giving nothing more.

Devi (2016) starring Prabhu Deva and Tamannaah became a hit and Devi 2 hopes to cash the fame by continuing the same horror-comedy genre with an interesting twist. I have enjoyed many of Director A. L. Vijay’s films like Kireedam (2007), Madrasapattinam (2010), Saivam (2014), Oru Naal Iravil (2015) and Lakshmi (2018), I feel many of them were underrated by the critics; of course, there were a few unsuccessful ones too. Devi 2 (2019) is his third “Ghost” film following Diya (2018).

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