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Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence during the pandemic

Last year in March 2020, I had presented on campus of SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ramapuram, Chennai for their computer science students on Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence. This year around, they invited me again for the same topic (!) but for their MCA (Master of Computer Applications) students. Since a year has passed where the job market, the technology industry and the entire world has changed irreversibly due to the ongoing pandemic, I decided to rework the talk in entirety.

Today in the online talk I was expecting about 40-50 students, instead I was pleasantly surprised to see over 150 students attending the Zoom call. The topic was the same, “Career Opportunities in AI”. I covered the different job roles that are in general available in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data technologies. Various industries which are employing AI – the list is of course expanding fast – I quoted some lesser-known verticals where phenomenal growth is happening. Added some real-world examples from Monster, Indeed and others. Finally, I shared few tips on how the students can prepare themselves on campus and off campus to land good jobs.

The slide-deck (Presentation) I used is available here (in PDF).

Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence by Venkatarangan Thirumalai
Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence by Venkatarangan Thirumalai

The batch of students passing out in 2021 (& 2022 too) are having it tough to get placed at campus, due to the pandemic. Indian IT outsourcing firms in particular have been delaying interviews & offer-letters by a year.

The students will need every bit of encouragement they will need. I hope I raised their morale and gave them a good outlook.

Let us continue the conversation. Follow me @venkatarangan
Let us continue the conversation. Follow me @venkatarangan

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